Research In Progress

“Health Insurance for Whom? The ‘Spill-up’ Effects of Children’s Health Insurance on Mothers”
(with D. Grossman and S. Tello-Trillo) NBER Working Paper

“The Effect of Labor Market Shocks Across the Life Cycle”
(with K. G. Salvanes and A. Willén) CESifo Working Paper

“Estimating the Health Impacts of WIC: A Regression Discontinuity Approach”
(with M. Bitler, J. Currie, H. Hoynes, K. Ruffini, & L. Schulkind)

“Postpartum Job Loss: Transitory Effect on Mothers, Long-run Damage to Children”
(with A. Willén) NHH Working Paper

“Getting Lucky: The Long-Term Consequences of Exam Luck”
(with F. Landaud, É. Maurin, and A. Willén) CESifo Working Paper

“Staying out of Trouble? Effect of High School Career Counseling on Crime”
(with S. Barnes, L. Beland, and S. Joshi)

Published Research

“Can Female Doctors Cure the Gender STEMM Gap? Evidence from Exogenously-assigned General Practitioners”
NHH Discussion Paper 2019/18 (with J. Riise and A. Willén)
Accepted at Review of Economics and Statistics

“Student Aid, Higher Education, and Long-Run Health: Leveraging Changes in Social Security Benefits”
Accepted at American Journal of Health Economics

“Does Information Disclosure Improve Consumer Knowledge? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
of Restaurant Menu Calorie Labels”
(with J. Cawley and A. Susskind) American Journal of Health Economics (2021)

“The Impact of Information Disclosure on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Field
Experiment of Calorie Labels on Restaurant Menus”
(with J. Cawley and A. Susskind) Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (2020)

“Rebates as Incentives: The Effects of a Gym Membership Reimbursement Program”
(with T. Homonoff and A. Willén) Journal of Health Economics (2020)

“Unintended Consequences of Health Insurance: ACA’s Free Contraception Mandate and Risky Sex”
Health Economics (2020)

“Pass-Through of a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages at the Philadelphia International Airport”
(with J. Cawley and D. Frisvold) JAMA (2018)

“The Effect of Weight on Mental Health: New Evidence Using Genetic IVs”
Journal of Health Economics (2018)